FLYZONE - Advanced avionic systems - Aprilia (Latina) - Italy

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Flyzone is a company born to develop advanced avionic systems maily for ultralight aircrafts.
We have implemented a computer based propeller governor that automatically adjusts the pich of electrically variable propellers.
Two wireless headsets based on Bluetooth technology connect to an Intelligent Interphone which in turn intefaces with the on board VHF Radio and possibly with a Bluetooth equipped cell phone. Automatic control of the flaps' position. Automation allows pilots to relax during the various phases of their flights. The
Custom Intelligent Propeller - CIP, the Wireless Bluetooth Headsets, the FLYZONE-IVOPROP'S KIT and the Intelligent Flaps were designed for this. Research and innovation to help pilots who want to fly reducing stress and danger.
Try them and you will be enthusiastic as we are. - Toplist Gratuita - Iscrivi il tuo sito per promuoverlo

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